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Why wear contact lenses?

If you have times in life when you'd like to be free of wearing your glasses, then contact lenses might be for you.  Whether a special event or playing sport, contact lenses will give you clarity of vision without having to worry about your glasses.

Here are a few key points about contact lenses.

  • Choose the type of lens to suit you - daily or monthly disposables are the most popular

  • Single vision and multi-focal are both available

  • There are even lenses to enhance the natural colour and sparkle of your eyes

Other important points to bear in mind.

  • Contact lenses must be selected and fitted by an optometrist

  • An annual contact lens check is needed as well as your normal sight test

  • Extra care is needed to look after your eyes when wearing contact lenses

Read more in our Contact Lens Checklist.

Call us to book a contact lens assessment.

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