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A Lens to Suit You

Distance Vision

You may require a lens to wear when driving, watching the match from the terraces or just watching TV.


Near Vision

If you find reading and focusing on things close up a strain, possibly giving you headaches, then you need a good near vision lens to sharpen things up a little.


Intermediate Vision

Working at a computer demands clear vision in the range from around 55cm to 65cm. Given that so many of us spend so much time in any one day in front of a screen, it is very important to find a lens for this specific task.

Computer user

Multi-Purpose Lenses

If you’ve been using a different pair of glasses for different tasks, then it’s worth considering a personalised varifocal lens. Multi-focus, freeform lenses are created using the very latest technology to give you you the best visual experience, whatever you’re doing.

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