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What do our patients say about us?

"Excellent service"

Kerry D, Bulwell

"Friendly and professional - you can not beat the level of service that you get from these guys. They make you feel comfortable the minute you walk through the door. They listen, advise and go out of their way to make you look and feel comfortable. I can not imagine going anywhere else."

Mandy C, Radcliffe on Trent

"I can recommend highly.The best ever in every way and I am very ,very happy with the Service that was provided,most excellent efficiency I have ever experienced. My thanks too all the Staff."

Janine M

"I'd had my glasses just 5 months when I had an accident where my glasses
ended up 'wonky'. I was so impressed how the optician refitted my glasses, spending some time making sure they were correct AND all part of their service. Thank you."

Margaret T, Radcliffe on Trent

"What a wonderful service at Bowler and Charsley in Bulwell!  I popped in expecting my glasses to be tightened up, but the lady optician spent 20 minutes completely reshaping them and now they fit perfectly."

Paul B, Bulwell

"I was treated with kindness and consideration.  I have always felt satisfied with their help."

Anon, Bulwell (Healthwatch Survey)

"Had a thorough full half-hour sight test and was given a detailed explanation on various lenses available.  The staff were very helpful and welcoming."

Anon, Bulwell  (Healthwatch Survey)

About our Drivewear lens

I found the price reasonable, the fit very good and the actual lenses are the best I have ever had. I would recommend this type of glasses from you to any driver.”

Mr T – Radcliffe on Trent

About our Transition XTRActive lens

I enjoy the flexibility of needing just one pair of glasses for indoor and out - no need to think about sunglasses.

Mr M – Radcliffe on Trent

About our VISTA-MESH lens

My work involves several hours on a computer. This lifestyle used to sap my energy and concentration very much. I then got the single vision Vistamesh glasses. Although I was satisfied in an overall sense with my existing glasses, I found the Vistamesh glasses perfectly suited working on a computer. I now become much less tired, and can maintain concentration for a lot longer. For me, it is a result big time!

Rev A – Radcliffe on Trent

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