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Look After Your Eyes

A visit to us to see an optometrist will give you much more than just a simple sight test and a lens prescription. The examination is a health check of your eyes and it’s for this reason that it needs to be carried out regularly (between 6 months and 2 years depending on your age and any individual problems).

Read our leaflet to find out more on sight tests.

When was your child’s last eye test?

It's not always obvious when your child has a vision problem.  It's important to book your child's first sight test before they start school. Certain sight problems are very difficult to correct after the age of seven.

Read more in our Keeping Kids' Eyes Healthy leaflet.

Aging and Sight

Just as our physical strength decreases with age, our eyes also exhibit an age-related decline in performance — particularly as we reach our 40's and beyond.

Read our leaflet on Sight After Sixty.

Free NHS Eye Examinations are available to a number of groups of people

including under 19’s in full-time education and over 60’s.

Here’s a complete list of those who are eligible.


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