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Whatever your particular vision needs are, we will provide a lens that is perfect for you.



An outstanding lens for daytime driving. Improved visual comfort and enhanced clarity raises driver confidence and makes for safer driving. Read more about the Drivewear experience.

High contrast also makes this lens an ideal choice for golf and other outdoor sportsRead more

What our patients say about Drivewear

I found the price reasonable, the fit very good and the actual lenses are the best I have ever had. I would recommend this type of glasses from you to any driver.”
Mr T – Radcliffe on Trent

Transitions XTRActive

The latest addition to the Transitions range. Almost clear indoors and extra dark outdoors, with the added bonus of reacting behind the car windscreen. Read more.

What our patients say about Transition XTRActive

I enjoy the flexibility of needing just one pair of glasses for indoor and out - no need to think about sunglasses.
Mr M – Radcliffe on Trent


A quality innovation. Made to reduce visual stress in office environments, computer use, general reading & writing tasks and driving at night. For some, VISTA-MESH can even help with dyslexia and travel sickness. Read more

Eye strain

What our patients say about VISTA-MESH

My work involves several hours on a computer. This lifestyle used to sap my energy and concentration very much. I then got the single vision Vistamesh glasses. Although I was satisfied in an overall sense with my existing glasses, I found the Vistamesh glasses perfectly suited working on a computer. I now become much less tired, and can maintain concentration for a lot longer. For me, it is a result big time!
Rev A – Radcliffe on Trent

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