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Just For Drivers

For millions of UK drivers, when it comes to eyewear, it’s not just about looking good. Clarity of vision is a top priority and, particularly for those who spend hours on the road every day, visual comfort is a must.

Some common complaints that we hear are:

  • The low sun in the sky is blinding

  • Bright headlights give me a headache

  • Harsh reflections reduce clarity and it can be-come dangerous

  • In rain and overcast weather, my sunglasses don’t help

At Bowler and Charsley Opticians we offer a selection of lenses with features specially designed for drivers. Here’s a taster of them.

  1. Drivewear: Both polarising and photochromic, an out-standing all-weather sun lens improving comfort, con-trast and clarity during day-time driving (also great for outdoor sports such as golf).

  2. Vista-Mesh: Reduces visual stress during night-time driving (also recommended for office work-ers who suffer from visual stress).

  3. Transitions XTRActive: The photochromic lens which darkens outdoors and behind a wind-screen but goes almost clear indoors. You’ll ap-preciate this lens both day and night.

For older drivers, combining any of these lenses into a specially adapted FREEWAY varifocal lens will give clarity of the dashboard and SATNAV, as well as perfect distance vision.

Choose a frame that suits your personal style, and you’ll have everything that you need to enhance your driving experience.

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