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Relief from Visual Stress

"My office lighting gives me a headache"

"Using a computer is tiring"

"Night driving is a strain"

"I struggle to read for long periods"

It's not uncommon to hear some of these comments from our patients. We have developed a confidence in recommending VISTA-MESH lenses as a way to finding relief from these problems.

VISTA-MESH is an adapted spectacle lens which removes glare and sharp reflections and subdues the intensity of light reaching the eye; it also helps with contrast and supports the eye’s recovery from visual stress.

How does this special lens achieve this?

The lens contains an almost invisible mesh filter, which acts as a kind of ‘light shield’

A high contrast filter improves clarity while still allowing 90% of light to pass through

The added anti-reflection coating improves clarity of vision

We have personally had many examples of positive feedback. Our suppliers also tell us that patient experience speaks for itself.

“A teenager who found it very hard to concentrate on reading for any length of time found he could read comfortably with the Vista-Mesh and was able to completely read whole books which he had never done before."

“For one patient, it made her work much more comfortable – not only did it stop the problems she had with the fluorescent light but also made the use of computers much more comfortable.”

“I have to say that I have not experienced a visual migraine since I started wearing Vista-Mesh, now over eight weeks ago.”

“A sufferer of car motion sickness reports considerable relief once wearing Vista-Mesh lenses."

We are one of only a small number of opticians in the East Midlands to offer VISTA-MESH.

Find out more at

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